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Cards & Pricing

Single Card for $50 CAD (Est. $37 USD)

5-9 Cards for ($45 CAD per card) (Est. $34 USD)

10-19 Cards for ($40 CAD per card) (Est. $30 USD)

20+ Cards for ($35 CAD per card) (Est. $25 USD)

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Why More Cards?

Each card comes with a FREE stand, perfect for placing on desks or tables to encourage customer reviews. Alternatively, employees can carry a card in their pocket or wallet, making it easier to collect reviews wherever they interact with clients.

How It Works

Boost your online reputation effortlessly with the GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap & QR Code Card with a FREE Stand. Made from durable plastic, this wallet-sized card helps you collect 25+ Google reviews per day, focusing on 5-star reviews. Our card features both advanced NFC technology for a simple tap function and a QR code for universal smartphone compatibility, ensuring every customer can leave feedback easily.

Exclusively offered by GrowSEO, our Smart Feedback Management system ensures quality by directing five-star ratings to your public Google Business Reviews. Ratings of 1-4 stars initiate a private conversation with a manager and won't go public, ensuring only top reviews are showcased. This process is part of our commitment to maintain your business’s positive image and address any concerns directly.

Customization is at the forefront, with each QR code tailored to your business, enhancing brand recognition. Plus, every card comes with a complimentary stand, allowing you to display it prominently and encourage customer interactions.

For a one-time fee of $50 CAD, enjoy a lifetime of value with no recurring costs. FREE shipping and volume discounts are available, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. We handle all the setup for you; just place the card with its stand, tap, and start collecting 5-star reviews immediately.

Beyond the product, GrowSEO supports you with both email and phone support available 24 hours, ensuring you can change the link redirection anytime online at or by contacting our customer service. This flexibility allows you to adapt the card’s function to best suit your changing business needs.

Trust in our expertise; GrowSEO specializes in SEO and related online marketing services, bringing a wealth of experience to help your business thrive online. Our domain’s longstanding registration since 2006 speaks to our reliability and commitment to the digital marketing field.

Rest assured with our full hassle-free refund policy within 30 days, making your purchase risk-free. Invest in the GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap & QR Code Card with a FREE Stand today, and take the first step towards elevating your business’s online presence and reputation.

Experience the Unmatched Advantage of GrowSEO: The Only Google Reviews Solution You'll Ever Need!

    GrowSEO Benefits:

  • Top-notch NFC Chip - Tap your GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap Card on your client's phone for an instant review.
  • Custom QR Codes - Each GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap Card includes a QR code for devices without NFC, ensuring easy access to the review page for all customers.
  • Complimentary Stand - Every GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap Card comes with a complimentary desk stand for optimal display and professionalism, making it easy for customers to share their reviews effortlessly.
  • Free Shipping - Delivered to you at no extra cost.
  • Smart Feedback Management - GrowSEO’s system enhances your online reputation by publicly showcasing only 5-star reviews on Google. Ratings of 1-4 stars trigger a personalized message to engage customers privately, maintaining a polished online presence.
  • One-Time Payment - No monthly fees, with discounts on bulk orders.
  • Flexible Redirection - Change link redirection anytime online or through customer service.
  • 24-Hour Support - Both email and phone support available anytime.
  • SEO Expertise - With GrowSEO, you’re not just getting a Google Reviews solution; you’re benefiting from years of SEO and online marketing expertise. Our knowledge and experience are embedded in every feature, designed to enhance your online visibility and reputation effectively.
  • Established Since 2006 - Proven by a public domain WHOIS search, GrowSEO’s presence since 2006 highlights our enduring reliability and dedication to business success online. Trust our history of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • 30-Day Hassle-Free Refund - Offering peace of mind with your purchase.


  • Lower quality NFC chip, lacking our tap-to-review efficiency.
  • Absence of NFC TAP and QR code versatility. Some mobile devices don't work with NFC TAP, making these competitor cards less functional compared to GrowSEO's NFC Tap Card and QR Code solution.
  • No complimentary stand included, reducing visibility and customer engagement.
  • Additional shipping costs may apply, increasing overall expenses.
  • Public display of 1-4 star ratings, potentially harming your business reputation.
  • Recurring fees or hidden costs, making it a less economical choice.
  • Competitor cards become obsolete if your business changes, requiring a new purchase. GrowSEO’s Flexible Redirection avoids these extra costs, letting you update links without needing a new card.
  • Limited customer support options, hindering issue resolution and flexibility.
  • Inexperience in SEO and digital marketing, decreasing the effectiveness of their solutions.
  • Competitors, often only registered for a year, lack the established presence that assures longevity. This short registration period, easily verified through a public domain WHOIS search, suggests a higher likelihood of them exiting the business unexpectedly. Unlike these newcomers, GrowSEO has been a robust presence since 2006, continuously growing and proving its reliability and commitment to lasting service.
  • Lack of a clear and generous refund policy, adding risk to your purchase.

Additional Features Inside the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card Stand Dashboard:

The GrowSEO dashboard is designed with flexibility and control in mind, offering a suite of features that empower you to manage your online reviews more effectively and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

  • Flexible Redirection: Change the destination of your Google Reviews link anytime through our online platform or by contacting customer service. This feature is crucial for businesses undergoing rebranding or changes in operation, ensuring that your Google Reviews link remains accurate without the need to purchase new cards.

  • Customizable Company Name and Feedback Text: You have the ability to personalize how your business is presented. Change the company name displayed on your review link page for a more personalized touch. Moreover, you can tailor the feedback text that appears to customers who reach the Smart Feedback page, allowing you to craft messages that resonate with your brand and customer base.

  • Smart Feedback Management Bypass: For businesses looking for direct feedback on Google Reviews without the intermediate step, the dashboard provides an option to bypass the Smart Feedback Management System. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the approach that best fits your strategy and customer engagement goals.

  • Collect Email Feedback for In-depth Analysis: Enhance your understanding of customer satisfaction with the option to collect email feedback. When customers rate your business with 1-4 stars, a prompt asking for detailed feedback can appear. This feedback is sent directly to you, providing valuable insights for improvement while keeping the feedback private and off public platforms.

  • Easy Review Link Sharing: Amplify your presence and gather more reviews by sharing your custom review link across various platforms. The dashboard enables you to copy the review link for use in social media, email signatures, instant messaging, and more, broadening the reach of your request for reviews.

  • Downloadable High-Resolution QR Code: For additional marketing flexibility, you can download a high-resolution version of your QR code. This feature is perfect for integrating your Google Reviews link into physical marketing materials like posters, flyers, and customer receipts, as well as digital platforms, enhancing your visibility and accessibility.

  • Centralized Management for Multiple Businesses: If you're managing multiple businesses or locations, GrowSEO simplifies the process by allowing you to add more review cards to the same account. This centralized dashboard view lets you oversee all your cards in one place, making management more efficient and streamlined.

GrowSEO is committed to continuously enhancing and expanding its features to offer the best Google Reviews solution on the market. With no competitor matching its comprehensive suite of benefits and features, GrowSEO stands as the premier choice for businesses aiming to boost their online reputation through authentic, positive customer reviews.

This detailed overview of GrowSEO's benefits and dashboard features highlights our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and providing a top-tier solution for managing Google Reviews. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, GrowSEO offers the tools and support you need to succeed in the digital age.

Get Google Positive Reviews Fast and Easy

  • Tap the GrowSEO Google Reviews Tap & QR Code Card on your client's NFC-enabled phone or have them scan the QR code on the card.
  • Your Google review page opens up instantly.
  • Your client leaves a review effortlessly.
  • Well done! You're on your way to boosting your business's online presence.
  • Through our Smart Feedback Management system, only 5-star ratings are directed to your public Google Business Reviews, while ratings of 1-4 stars initiate a private conversation, allowing you to address concerns directly.

One Time Payment

"Pay once. Use forever."

No Hidden Charges

No Monthly Fees or Recurring Payments

Unlock Smart Feedback Management with GrowSEO

  • Through our Smart Feedback Management system, only 5-star ratings are directed to your public Google Business Reviews, while ratings of 1-4 stars initiate a private conversation, allowing you to address concerns directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card is a groundbreaking product designed to help businesses effortlessly collect Google reviews, potentially garnering 25 or more reviews daily.

The card is embedded with a Google Review Link tailored to your business. A simple tap on a customer's phone opens your business's Google review page instantly.

The card's dimensions are akin to a standard credit card, ensuring easy portability in wallets or pockets.

No other brand offers this advanced feature. While others might help in collecting reviews, only GrowSEO has devised a strategy that predominantly publicizes 5-star reviews and handles lesser ratings privately, boosting your online image.

The card is your gateway to genuine feedback, elevating trust, and fostering business growth.

Reviews procured using our card stem from real customers, adhering to Google's strict standards, ensuring they stay put.

Google can spot fake reviews, which could result in their deletion or even the disabling of your entire Google business profile. However, reviews gathered using the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card are genuine and come from real local customers, so they are less likely to be removed by Google.

Place your order directly on GrowSEO website at

Immediate feedback collection heightens the chance of a review. Procrastination might lead to customers either forgetting or losing interest.

We’ve been pioneering since 2005, boasting over 17 years of rich industry experience.

Absolutely. The card is perfect for events, gatherings, or any scenario where you'd like to collect feedback en masse. Its efficient 'tap and review' system makes it ideal for both one-on-one interactions and larger settings.

Yes, the card makes an excellent gift for fellow entrepreneurs looking to amplify their online presence. Just ensure the card is programmed with the correct business details during the purchase.

In the rare event that a customer's phone doesn't support the card's NFC feature, you can always direct them manually to your Google Review page. The card is designed to maximize convenience, but manual methods remain as a backup.

Most businesses report a noticeable uptick in their reviews within the first day of using the card, particularly when they actively encourage customers to tap the card and leave feedback.

The GrowSEO card facilitates genuine customer feedback. It doesn't manipulate or influence the content of the review. The smart feedback system only directs the review's flow, ensuring positive reviews go public and constructive feedback remains private for business attention.

Once you receive the card, it comes pre-programmed and is ready for immediate use with your specific business listing. To ensure it's functioning as intended, simply tap it against a mobile phone, and check that it redirects to your business's Google review page.

Yes, when you receive the card, it comes with user-friendly instructions. Furthermore, GrowSEO dedicated support team is always available should you have any questions or need guidance.

For details on referral programs or affiliate opportunities, we recommend reaching out to GrowSEO directly. We often have promotional campaigns that reward loyal customers for spreading the word.

GrowSEO offers comprehensive training materials and guidelines to help your staff understand the card's functionality and how best to use it with customers. This ensures a smooth experience for both your team and your clientele.

If you need to cancel your order, contact GrowSEO as soon as possible. While we strive to process orders quickly, we will do our best to accommodate cancellation requests if the order has not been dispatched.

While sharing your Google review link online is a valid method, the card offers a tangible, personal touchpoint for customers. The immediate 'tap' mechanism, combined with the Smart Feedback Management system, ensures a higher probability of garnering positive reviews and effectively managing negative feedback.

The card is designed to last for years without any decrease in functionality. There's no expiry date, making it a long-term investment in improving your business's online reputation.

GrowSEO is an industry leader and continually strives to stay ahead of technological advancements. We periodically review and enhance our offerings, ensuring businesses always have access to cutting-edge tools.

While the card can be advantageous for all types of businesses, those in service industries, retail, restaurants, and any business that has face-to-face interactions with customers tend to see the most direct benefits.

GrowSEO adheres to stringent quality control standards. Each card undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it functions correctly, is durable, and meets all stated specifications.

GrowSEO provides a range of digital marketing tools and services. We continuously innovate and release new products to help businesses thrive online. Check our website or reach out to our team for more information on complementary tools and offerings.

Our card stands out with its simple 'tap' feature, smart feedback management, and its authenticity. GrowSEO has been in business since 2006, leveraging years of experience to offer a product that effectively meets the needs of today's businesses.

Our card is not just a tool but a strategy. The effortless 'tap' mechanism combined with our smart feedback management ensures that you collect genuine, positive reviews with ease, setting it leagues apart from other review-collection methods. Unlike many companies in the space that are newly registered in the last year or two and may go out of business within a short time, that's not the case with GrowSEO. We have been in business since 2006, adding years of expertise and innovation to our portfolio. You can verify this information by doing a domain Whois verification. By going to and conducting a Whois search on, you will find that the domain was registered on April 4, 2006.

This exclusive feature by GrowSEO operates in a two-fold manner:

Customers giving a 5-star rating are effortlessly directed to post their rave review on your Google Business page.

Those choosing a rating between 1-4 stars encounter a personalized message appreciating their feedback, nudging them to share their concerns directly with you.

The distinction lies in the strategy. While others might have a direct approach, our card offers an intelligent mechanism: directing positive public feedback and addressing concerns privately. This ensures a consistent influx of positive public reviews while handling less satisfactory ones discretely.

For a one-time fee of $50 CAD, the card is yours with no hidden monthly costs. Plus, enjoy FREE shipping on all orders. Discounts are available for volume orders, and details can be found on our website at GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card Page.

No, the card is hassle-free with zero maintenance or updates.

Crafted from robust plastic, this waterproof card is designed for daily use, resembling a standard credit card in size.

The card is built to last. With its durable construction, it's designed to serve you for years without any degradation in its NFC capabilities.

Boosting the count of genuine, positive Google reviews can significantly elevate your business's visibility in search results. The card simplifies the process of obtaining these authentic reviews, potentially leading to improved search rankings and spotlighting your business.

Certainly! This card is a must-have for any business, irrespective of its size, aiming to amplify its online reputation.

Absolutely! Any business, regardless of size, aiming to boost its online presence will benefit immensely from our card.

Of course! We believe the card is a valuable asset for all businesses. If you know a business owner who'd benefit from enhancing their online reputation, feel free to recommend our product.

The card is programmed with a distinct Google Review Link unique to your enterprise. This guarantees that every review is posted to the exact Google business listing it's meant for.

Rest assured, the card is meticulously programmed with your business's specific Google Review Link. This ensures accuracy and that reviews are exclusively directed to your business listing.

For Canadian customers, you can expect your card within 3 days. For those in the U.S., delivery will typically be within 7 days. International orders can anticipate receiving their card in about 3 weeks. We prioritize swift and efficient deliveries for all our customers, and all orders include free shipping.

If you've misplaced or damaged your card, immediately reach out to us at GrowSEO. We'll guide you through the steps to obtain a replacement.

Absolutely not! There's no usage limit or cap on the card. You can use it as many times as you wish, making it a valuable tool for gathering continuous feedback.

Yes, GrowSEO offers attractive volume discounts for those interested in acquiring multiple cards. For detailed information on these discounts, please visit

If there's a need to change the business listing, you can contact GrowSEO directly. They will guide you through the process to ensure your card remains functional and directs to the correct listing.

Each GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card is uniquely programmed to correspond to a single, specific business listing. If you manage multiple business listings, you will need to purchase additional cards for each one. If you require cards for multiple listings, we offer assistance on bulk orders to make the process streamlined and efficient.

We're here 24/7. Drop us an email at or give us a ring at 647-800-1576.

GrowSEO is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. If you experience any technical issues, challenges, or have questions about the product, you can reach out to our dedicated and responsive support team. They are available 24/7 via email or phone to assist you promptly and resolve any problems swiftly, ensuring uninterrupted service for your business.

Yes, we take a customer-centric approach at GrowSEO and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for our Google Review Tap Card. If the card doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a complete refund or replacement.

As mentioned, GrowSEO offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the card doesn't meet your expectations within this period, you can return it for a full refund.

Using the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card is straightforward. Simply tap it onto a customer's smartphone, and it will redirect them to your business's Google review page. It's efficient, quick, and user-friendly.

Absolutely not! The card is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for anyone to integrate into their business operations, regardless of their tech proficiency. It's a plug-and-play solution that comes ready to use right out of the box. If you or your staff have any questions or need guidance, GrowSEO dedicated customer support is always available to assist.

No, the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card operates without any battery or charging. It uses passive NFC technology and is designed for simplicity and hassle-free usage, eliminating the need for any external power source or battery.

No, neither you nor your customers need to download any external app or software to use the card. The card operates using NFC technology; upon tapping it with a compatible smartphone, customers are directed straight to your business's Google review page for a seamless review experience.

Yes, the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card is designed to work seamlessly with most modern smartphones that are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities. This ensures that a wide range of customers can effortlessly tap the card to access your Google review page. While the card uses NFC technology, which is widely compatible with contemporary smartphones, it's always a good idea to confirm that your customers' phones are NFC-enabled to take full advantage of the card's features.

Security and privacy are top priorities for GrowSEO. The card employs Near Field Communication (NFC), a widely-used and secure technology. When a customer taps the card, it only redirects them to your Google Review page; it does not store or transmit any personal or sensitive data.

The card contains a passive NFC chip, which is only activated when brought close to an NFC-enabled device. This ensures a safe interaction without posing any risk to the mobile device or its stored data.

As for customer data, the card does not collect or store any personal information. All interactions after tapping the card take place between the customer and Google, ensuring full compliance with privacy standards.

The more reviews you gather, the better for both your online presence and reputation. Encourage every satisfied customer to tap and review, making it a regular part of your interaction after their experience with your business.

Yes, GrowSEO is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The card is crafted from durable plastic, designed for long-term use, thereby reducing waste. Not only is the card built to last for years, minimizing the need for frequent replacements, but GrowSEO also ensures minimal waste in production and packaging. Moreover, we are continuously exploring eco-friendly options in all our product offerings to minimize our carbon footprint.

Yes, the card works globally and is not restricted by geographical boundaries. As long as the customer's device has NFC functionality and can access Google Reviews in the respective country, the card will function as intended. This makes it a versatile tool for businesses with both local and international clientele.

Yes, you can see a demo of how the card works by visiting our website. We have videos available that provide a detailed guide on how to use the card. For more information on bulk discounts and pricing, please visit our bulk discounts page.

Yes, while the GrowSEO Google Review Tap Card itself doesn't come with a dedicated mobile app or dashboard, it directly facilitates reviews on your Google business page. Tracking or analytics related to these reviews can be accessed through your Google My Business dashboard. While the dashboard won't specifically identify which reviews come from the card, it's beneficial to track trends before and after using the card to gauge its effectiveness. GrowSEO ensures that the card efficiently guides customers to leave genuine reviews.